Here are a selection of testimonials and comments made by my clients:


“I am a teenager and recently had four sessions of hypnotherapy with Jill.  I have a long term bowel disease and the aim of these sessions was to help me to learn how to relax and to help with pain management.

When I first met Jill she immediately put me at my ease.  Because of her medical background she had an understanding of my condition and I was able to discuss with her the problems and concerns I had experienced.

I must say I was very sceptical about hypnotherapy, but Jill explained all that it would entail and this eased any of the doubts that I had, and gave me confidence in both her and the treatment.

In my opinion Jill has the ideal voice for hypnotherapy in that it is both soothing and encouraging. The sessions themselves were very relaxing and I found myself looking forward to going to them.

Before finishing my course with her, Jill provided a tape for me to continue the exercises on my own.  Because of the sessions with her and the extra time that I can commit at home, I have found that I am a lot more relaxed and in greater control of my medical condition.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Jill to anyone who is considering hypnotherapy.”


“I am really pleased to say that my daughter having some hypnotherapy before going to university was a great decision. She was becoming very nervous and worried about her new start and how she would cope and make friends, but this wasn’t much of a problem when she got there. It’s all still very new, but we can see a real difference in how she is interacting with fellow students and how she is tackling new challenges every day. Thank you, Jill.”


“Jill, I just wanted to say thanks again for helping my daughter with  her Eczema. It was hard to watch her scratching so much and often making her skin bleed. After the first session there was an immediate change. We saw her start to scratch, but then her hands just moved away. Over the next few days the eczema on her hands and arms started to clear – it was amazing to watch. Now she has had another session, the improvement has speeded up even more. The habit has been broken and her skin finally has the chance to heal. She also seems more confident generally, which is lovely to see.”



“I have now had a few  hypnotherapy sessions from Jill. The first two were for general relaxation purposes and they certainly worked. Jill has the perfect voice  for hypnotherapy, very gentle and soothing.   My last session was tailored to  suit my particlular desire to make the right choices food wise.   I was going on holiday and did not want to pile on the pounds. I have struggled with my weight for 50+ years  and I know only too well that  I can easily get out of control.   If I have chocolate, one piece is never enough. I want the whole bar! 5 weeks later I am very aware that I  am still considering carefully what I eat –  and  I did not put on any weight on holiday, despite eating out every night and enjoying a few glasses of wine. Very pleased with the result! Thank you Jill.  Next step is to cure my fear of spiders!!”



“Just a quick note to say thank you for the treatment: I wasn’t sure if hypnotherapy would be able to help but after just two sessions I now have a different (healthier) relationship with alcohol.”

Thanks, Mandy


“Thanks Jill. The sessions on confidence building have been a Godsend, I no  longer feel so worried when having to give a presentation. I’m still a little nervous but now it’s in a good way: unlike before when I felt as if I was going to throw up.”

John H


“Jill, we’re in the middle of the exams and the house is pretty calm: the help to study programme has really helped and both kids are a lot more focused. Let’s hope it results in some better grades!!!”