Hypnotherapy - Coventry, Warwickshire and West Midlands. Stop smoking.Stop smoking in Coventry, Warwickshire and the West Midlands with Hypnotherapy

Picture yourself in the future enjoying life to the full, feeling healthy, with more energy – and more money – and without the burden of smoking weighing heavily on you. Does that sound like the place you would like to be?

Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you to stop smoking by retraining your mind so that you will simply no longer have any desire to smoke. This may sound too good to be true, but it has proved very successful for so many people and, if you fully commit to this, you could join them in their life-changing achievement.

Having worked as a Nurse for thirty years in the NHS and then a hospice, I have cared for many people who were living with the consequences of smoking. I know that most people who smoke are already aware of the health risks associated with tobacco and many have tried to give up the habit in the past, perhaps by using nicotine substitutes or just sheer will power. However, these techniques rely on the conscious mind to prevent them from giving in to the cravings. The conscious mind finds it very hard to sustain this as it can only deal with the here and now – and right now, you may feel that you really need a cigarette. Your unconscious mind is where all your memories and beliefs are held and where behaviours that have become habits are stored as beliefs. I use Clinical Hypnotherapy to help you become so deeply relaxed that I can guide your unconscious mind to discard this old, unwanted habit, and replace it with new, up to date, healthy knowledge, where smoking is a thing of the past.

This is done in a  two hour session, with a one hour follow-up appointment and it works most effectively if you are totally ready and committed to the process. Previous clients have reported that, as is my aim, they did not feel any withdrawal symptoms from stopping smoking so suddenly and they did not feel the need to replace it with another harmful habit, such as eating excessively.

I work from home in the South of Coventry,  which is also easily accessible from Warwickshire and elsewhere in the West Midlands. I have a comfortable, ground floor therapy room, which allows me to give individualised therapy in a sensitive, professional and confidential way, using my years of experience as a Nurse and Nursing Sister – and my skills acquired as a Hypnotherapist. There is ample parking available.

The cost of treatments is listed on the Prices page.

Please telephone or email me to discuss any queries you may have. I am always happy to talk to you and advise as necessary.