Hypnotherapy - Coventry, Warwickshire and West Midlands. High blood pressure.

Reducing High Blood Pressure with Hypnotherapy in Coventry, Warwickshire and the West Midlands

There are several causes for high blood pressure (Hypertension) and it is important that you are under the care of your GP or consultant for monitoring. It is well known that high levels of stress and anxiety can raise blood pressure, increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke and vascular dementia. My long Nursing career has shown me the effects of Hypertension on the health of many people. NHS websites have detailed information on how to prevent high blood pressure but alongside that, Clinical Hypnotherapy can help you make profound changes to the way your body responds to stresses, allowing you to become more in control of how relaxed you feel.

The benefits of this can affect many aspects of your life, your health and your general well-being, physically, psychologically or emotionally.  Long lasting changes can be initiated and maintained. As well as the Hypnotherapy treatment(s) received, I will teach you how to hypnotise yourself so that you can achieve the maximum benefit from this therapy.

Link to NHS Choices comments on Hypnotherapy.

The number of sessions required will be planned on an individual basis but, as a guide, one to three will achieve the desired outcome.

I work from home in the South of Coventry,  which is also easily accessible  from Warwickshire and elsewhere in the West Midlands. I have a comfortable, ground floor therapy room, which allows me to give individualised therapy in a sensitive, professional and confidential way, using my years of experience as a Nurse and Nursing Sister – and my skills acquired as a Hypnotherapist. There is ample parking available.

The cost of treatments is listed on the Prices page.

Please telephone or email me to discuss any queries you may have. I am always happy to talk to you and advise as necessary.