Clinical Hypnotherapy in Coventry, Warwickshire & The West Midlands


Clinical Hypnotherapy in Coventry, Warwickshire and West Midlands

I offer a free 30 minute consultation, if required, to help you decide how Hypnotherapy might help you

 Clearway Hypnotherapy

Here at Clearway Hypnotherapy – Coventry, I will support you in making important changes to your life, your health and your general well-being, creating a clear way forward to where you want to be.

My years as a Nurse and Nursing Sister – and thorough Clinical Hypnotherapy experience and training – allow me to offer professional, personalised treatments to help you to reduce anxiety, cope better with the effects of physical illness, increase confidence, remove phobias and addictions, stop smoking, or lose weight.

Clinical Hypnosis is a lovely, relaxing experience – gentle, yet powerful. I use it to change a behaviour you are unhappy with, or your perception of a situation, making it more manageable and allowing you to feel a sense of control again. It helps your conscious mind become deeply relaxed so that your unconscious mind can accept pre-agreed, positive suggestions to bring about the required change. It is in no way used to control you or make you do things you would be uncomfortable with and is only used for therapeutic purposes. My experience as a Registered Nurse has given me a good understanding of the results, in particular of stress, on the body and although it works with your mind, its effects are felt in many physical ways too, making it effective as a stand alone treatment, or to complement conventional medical treatments.

I am based in the South of Coventry,  which is also easily accessible from the surrounding areas of Warwickshire and the West Midlands. I work from home in a comfortable, ground floor therapy room. There is ample parking available.

Please telephone or email me to discuss any queries you may have. I am always happy to talk to you and advise as necessary.